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St. Barthelemy

St. Barthélemy, also known as St. Barts, is a duty-free port, and there are enough bargains to set aside time for shopping, particularly for top-quality "name" merchandise. There is delicately executed straw work unique to St. Barts, braided and woven of lantana palm, by women of Corossol and Colombier. Other locally crafted products include sandals and shell jewelry sold in Gustavia, as well as paintings and lithographs by island artists. For an in-town nightcap and a romantic view, there's luxurious Carl Gustaf overlooking the harbor. The town has quite a few special places that attract interesting dinner crowds. Dining has become a stellar attraction of St. Barts. Renowned chefs from France and U.S. frequently visit the island, many of them open restaurants, and some even teach. Young chefs who have trained in France's greatest restaurants choose to work in St. Barts and have made the island a gastronomic showcase. Most restaurants are small but offer something special in food, setting, or atmosphere. There are 14 beaches, all blessed with gleaming white sand.